Social: Aliansce Sonae is a partner of ArtSampa Educação
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ArtSampa Educação

Art without borders.

Aliansce Sonae’s mission goes beyond simply offering shopping and entertainment options; it includes serving and amazing its customers, by providing cultural experiences through exclusive partnerships that make art accessible to all.

For the fourth consecutive year, Aliansce Sonae has renewed its support to the ArtRio project, expanding it to São Paulo: ArtSampa, held in March 2022, at Oca, Ibirapuera Park. With the expansion of the partnership, reproductions of major artworks will be displayed on the corridors of five of Aliansce Soane’s shopping malls in São Paulo.

Educadora do ArtSampa dando aula para crianças na exposição no Plaza Sul

Art History for all.

Throughout the first semester of 2022, ArtSampa Educação will take the exhibition História da Arte, Olhar e Descoberta (Digging into Art History), to five shopping malls in São Paulo: Plaza Sul Shopping, Shopping Metrópole, Shopping Taboão, Shopping Campo Limpo, and Parque D. Pedro Shopping.

The exhibition, curated by museologist and art teacher Libia Schenker, is divided into ten totems that illustrate the main periods of art history, from the Renaissance to Abstract Expressionism, and includes artists such as Monet, Cézanne, Picasso, Matisse, and Miró. The educational experience in the shopping malls is enhanced by two activities: by the narrative of the artists’ life history told by singer Roberta Sá, accessible through a QR Code that directs customers to the shopping malls’ websites for a better understanding, and by the children workshops that promote educational development through art.

Plaza Sul – March 3 to March 20

Metrópole Shopping Mall – March 21 to April 10

Taboão Shopping Mall – April 17 to May 7

Campo Limpo Shopping Mall – May 8 to May 28

Parque D. Pedro Shopping Mall – May 31 to June 20