Aliansce Sonae: Environment - Waste Management
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ESG / Environment


Reducing the waste discharged into landfills.

Aliansce Sonae, besides keeping facilities and equipment for the selective waste management in its shopping malls, continuously seeks to comply with the legal rules related to the issue, acting under valid environmental licenses and solid waste management plans (PGRS).

Nine shopping malls in our portfolio manage the waste under the ISO 14001:2015 standards and eighteen shopping malls follow a waste management program that is environmentally adequate and structured, from the selective collection until the final destination of the residues. 

Solid Waste Management Plan.

Aliansce Sonae solid waste management plan establishes four stages of development to be followed by the shopping mall until it reaches the last stage in the adoption of the best social and environmental practices:

  • Adequacy of the necessary facilities and infrastructure.
  • Adoption of the best practices regarding the management and qualification of the internal public.
  • Raising awareness and obtaining the participation of the tenants.
  • Positive impact on the customer and final consumer.