Aliansce Sonae: Environment - Water and Effluents
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ESG / Environment

Water and Effluent

Responsible use for reducing the water footprint.

Access to drinking water is essential for the enjoyment of life and well-being and, as such, is recognized by the United Nations as a human right. Even though it is a renewable natural resource, its availability is limited and must be preserved.

Accordingly, every Aliansce Sonae shopping mall is engaged in ensuring responsible use of water through constant monitoring, measures to reduce water consumption, and diversification of water sources. 

To reduce the consumption and increase the efficiency in the use of water from the municipal water tanks, our shopping malls use alternative sources, such as

artesian wells, rain harvesting, and water reuse. The developments also have ecoefficient equipment to reduce water consumption.

Effluent Treatment.

Most of Aliansce Sonae’s developments discharge their effluents into public sewers. Where no public sewer is available, the Company keeps -Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), ensuring that 100% of its effluents are treated.

Our treatment plants use both aerobic and anaerobic systems; some of them also apply ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, using the recycled water in the cooling towers of HVAC systems.

In the shopping malls, treated water reuse in toilet flush, cleaning activities, irrigation, and cooling towers may reach 60%, thus reducing the volume discharged into the public sewers.