Aliansce Sonae Innovation: BeGreen Fazenda Urbana
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The first urban farm in Latin America.

Be Green, an urban farm located inside a shopping mall, is 28 times more productive and uses 90% less water than the traditional cultivation method. BeGreen, the first urban farm in Latin America and installed in two of Aliansce Sonae’s shopping malls: Via Parque and Boulevard Shopping Belo Horizonte.

Has been awarded several national and international prizes due to aspects such as innovation, social responsibility, and sustainability. Given the success achieved with the project and intending to expand it to other shopping malls in our portfolio, we have created BG Malls Fazendas Urbanas, a joint-venture in which Aliansce Sonae has a 50% stake.

Estufa dao BeGreen no shopping da Aliansce Sonae

Sustainable and pesticide-free farming.

BeGreen cultivates its products inside climatized and automatized greenhouses based on the hydroponic system, which uses no soil. Harvesting is made right before the greens are delivered, which allows for practically zero waste. Clients may choose to subscribe to have a box of greens delivered weekly at their home, visit the units to purchase products or taste them at restaurants in the shopping malls.

In addition to sustainable production, BeGreen also provides entertainment options for the visitors of Aliansce Sonae’s shopping malls, through guided tours and educational activities, ensuring a unique and distinctive experience, consistent with the principles of sustainability.

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