Aliansce Sonae Innovation: IARA Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial intelligence benefits businesses and people.

Iara is Aliansce Sonae’s artificial intelligence, a super-app that helps in two aspects: business planning and customer service.

Iara allows shopping malls managers to follow, in the palm of their hands, sales performance and visitors’ flow, and to make questions via text or voice (with natural language) to obtain predictive insights from the data available. Thus, it becomes possible to identify trends, propose the online offering of new products, and enhance the tenant’s business.

Ilustração da Iara, a Inteligência Artificial da Aliansce Sonae

Efficient and humanized service for the final consumer.

Iara is also available for final consumers: it is Aliansce Sonae digital consultant and can be found on the websites of each shopping mall. With simple and pleasant communication and in an efficient and practical manner, it answers questions regarding stores and services, receives complaints and suggestions, gives information about events and attractions.

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