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Carioca Shopping

The largest commercial complex in the Vila da Penha region.

Carioca Shopping opened its doors in 2001, causing an increase in the value of the surrounding area; it introduced the Northern area of Rio de Janeiro to the first “multiplex” movie theater, operated by Cinemark. The development provides a wide range of services, hosts all the main anchor stores, and offers entertainment options, a Food Court, and a Gourmet Area.

Following the global trend of multipurpose developments, Carioca Shopping has a commercial tower with 720 offices that can be used for businesses and services, improving the region of Vila da Penha, which has continuously grown and increased in value.

Foto da fachada do Carioca Shopping

Shopping mall

  • 2001 Opening
  • 34.772 GLA (gross leasable area)/SQM
  • 51.708 GCA (gross commercial area)/SQM
  • 2.064 Parking spaces
  • B Customers
  • 1.400.000 Consumers per month

Stores and Services

  • 204 Number of stores
  • 11 Anchors
  • 6 Megastores
  • Services TRE, Implante Rio, Botoclinic, CVC, Loteria, Chaveiro, Auto Clean, Rocha Pneus, Old Factory Tattoo, Sobrancelhas Design, Alba Saúde, Smart Fit, Lavanderia, Werner, BeerBearia, Club Man barbearia, Bellize Grife hair, Sóbranselhas, Corpus Depilação, Unhas Express, Body Laser, Banco 24 horas, Banco Itaú

Food and Entertainment

  • 968 seats Food court
  • 25 Food service operations
  • 7 Restaurants outside the court
  • Entertainment 6 movie theaters Cinemark, Playtoy Park

Av. Vicente de Carvalho, 909
Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Phone(s) +55 (21) 2018-2311


+55 (21) 3457-8584 /+55 (21) 3457-8560


+55 (21) 99219-4993 / +55 (21) 99309-1056

Mall and Media

+55 (21) 99419-1029