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Manauara Shopping

A benchmark in Manaus for fashion, entertainment, and convenience.

Manauara Shopping architecture is a tribute to the Amazon fauna, flora, and culture; it offers a complete mix of stores and major national and local brands, besides a theater with almost 600 seats. Located in the Adrianópolis neighborhood, an upscale area of the city, the mall has 3,000 square meters of native vegetation – the Buritizal.

Boulevard Shopping Londrina

The most complete shopping mall in Londrina.

Boulevard Londrina Shopping is the most complete shopping mall in the city of Londrina. Located in the Santa Helena neighborhood, it has a rich mix of stores, entertainment, and convenience.

A tribute to the origin of the city’s name, Londrina or “Little London”, the architecture and decor are inspired by London icons, such as the London Eye, Big Ben, and other elements of the British culture.

Boulevard Shopping Belém

A benchmark for fashion and entertainment in Pará.

Boulevard Shopping Belém is a benchmark in the State of Pará as one of the largest malls for shopping and entertainment. It has a mix of 300 stores, including international and national brands that have been introduced in the North of Brazil.

With a modern architecture that favors large and comfortable spaces, landscape architecture, accessibility, and safety, the mall is located in an affluent and exclusive area, at Avenida Visconde de Souza Franco.

Parque Shopping Belém

Convenience in the fastest-growing region in Belém.

Parque Shopping Belém is conveniently located at Rodovia Augusto Montenegro, the fastest growing region in Belém. The store mix offers established brands, several types of restaurants, and a service promenade.

Shopping Parangaba

Comfort and convenience in the capital of Ceará.

Shopping Parangaba, strategically located, is the only shopping mall in Ceará connected to a Bus Terminal, subway stations, and the Veículo Leve sobre Trilhos (VLT).

Shopping Parangaba offers a complete store mix with major brands and rich gastronomy. Shopping Parangaba, a synonym for convenience, comfort, and safety, is the ideal shopping and entertainment place for the whole family.

Parque Shopping Maceió

The favorite gathering point for the Alagoas’s families.

Parque Shopping Maceió is located in Northern Maceió, the fastest growing zone in the city. With modern architecture, the mall hosts major chains and national and international brands. The excellent food court, facing the sea, offers 30 types of cuisines.

The mall hosts three famous restaurants.The schedule of concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events complements the entertainment offer, making the mall the favorite gathering point for the families in Alagoas.

Shopping da Bahia

The first shopping mall in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil.

Shopping da Bahia, the second shopping mall opened in Brazil, offers the most complete shopping, entertainment, and service experience, with its almost 500 stores. It is strategically located in Caminho das Árvores, an upscale neighborhood of the city.

The mall sits on the capital’s financial center, a few meters from a bus terminal and two subway stations, one of which is connected to the development. For almost five decades, it has been a part of the Bahia’s population’s life, having over the years developed a relationship of love and connection with the city.

Passeio das Águas Shopping

Passeio das Águas Shopping is the largest shopping mall in the state of Goiás.

The architecture presents elements from the region’s nature, such as rivers, butterflies, and sugar cane, with modern sustainability solutions. Passeio das Águas Shopping store mix hosts major brands, services, and entertainment options.