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Boulevard Shopping Vila Velha

The shopping mall made for the families of Espírito Santo.

Boulevard Shopping Vila Velha is considered by the Espírito Santo population a shopping mall for families and pets, specialized in services.

With a welcoming architecture and a rich schedule of events and social actions, the mall is conveniently located between two large highways in Vila Velha, next to an urban transportation terminal and the municipal bus terminal.

Boulevard Shopping Belo Horizonte

Fashion and convenience in the traditional neighborhood of Santa Efigênia.

Boulevard Shopping Belo Horizonte is the first shopping mall in the central east region of the city, located in the traditional Santa Efigênia neighborhood. With modern and bold architecture, it has a complete mix of stores, services, and entertainment, including famous brands, besides the Boulevard Corporate Tower, which is adjacent to the mall.

Uberlândia Shopping

Modern, bold, and sustainable.

Uberlândia Shopping sits in the South of the city, an upscale area, and the fastest growing region in Uberlândia. The mall has a modern and bold architecture and is ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, in acknowledgment of its effective environmental and occupational safety management. Its store mix includes major brands, restaurants, a modern movie theater and a fitness center.

Bangu Shopping

A benchmark for shopping, services, food, and entertainment in the West Side of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Bangu Shopping, built in a heritage building that used to house the former Bangu Textile Factory, has a unique architecture and a strong emotional link with the region’s residents, given that its history is closely linked to the history of the neighborhood.

The shopping mall offers a complete mix of stores, services, entertainment, culture, and gastronomy. It hosts clinics, laboratories, vocational courses in a medical & vocational center, a university, restaurants, cinemas, and theaters for the residents of Bangu, the most traditional and densely populated neighborhood in the West Side of Rio de Janeiro.

Boulevard Shopping Campos

The largest shopping mall in the north of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Boulevard Shopping Campos is the largest commercial development in the north region of the State of Rio de Janeiro, a region on the rise that has received extensive investment. Opened on April 26, 2011, the mall introduced the region to several brands and offers a complete mix of services and entertainment.

Carioca Shopping

The largest commercial complex in the Vila da Penha region.

Carioca Shopping opened its doors in 2001, causing an increase in the value of the surrounding area; it introduced the Northern area of Rio de Janeiro to the first “multiplex” movie theater, operated by Cinemark. The development provides a wide range of services, hosts all the main anchor stores, and offers entertainment options, a Food Court, and a Gourmet Area.

Following the global trend of multipurpose developments, Carioca Shopping has a commercial tower with 720 offices that can be used for businesses and services, improving the region of Vila da Penha, which has continuously grown and increased in value.

Caxias Shopping

The largest and most modern shopping mall in Duque de Caxias.

Considered the main shopping and entertainment center in the municipality, Caxias Shopping is a distinctive mall, hosting anchor stores, megastores, and major brands, besides service and entertainment options, with a movie theater with 8 screens, including a VIP and a Premium lounge.

It is located at the verge of Rodovia Washington Luiz, which connects Rio de Janeiro to the mountain area and other state roads, providing easy access for 1.3 million residents of the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area.

Shopping Grande Rio

The largest mall in Baixada Fluminense.

Shopping Grande Rio is the main shopping center in Baixada Fluminense, a metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro. It is also the most complete option for shopping, hosting major brands, the best stores, lots of fun, convenience, and entertainment.

The mall is always investing to provide more comfort, safety, events, and distinctive services.