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Boulevard Shopping Feira de Santana

The largest shopping mall in the outskirts of Bahia.

Boulevard Shopping Feira de Santana is the largest and most modern mall in the outskirts of Bahia, offering a complete mix of stores and major brands. The development also has a commercial tower, a supermarket, and a hotel.

Boulevard Shopping Vitória da Conquista

Convenience and entertainment in the Central South region of Bahia.

Boulevard Shopping Vitória da Conquista sits in the Candeias neighborhood, in Vitória da Conquista. The development occupies more than 30,000 square meters and offers a complete mix of stores, services, and entertainment. Entertainment is provided by the Play Time recreation area and a Centerplex movie theater with 6 screens. The Food Court offers Japanese, Italian, Brazilian and fast food restaurants.

Parque Shopping Bahia

A shopping mall that belongs to a new era! A place for great experiences.

Parque Shopping Bahia is the newest and most modern shopping mall in Lauro de Freitas and the surrounding region. The mall, launched in March 2020, offers major brands and a fine dining area (Alameda Gourmet) with 5 renowned restaurants.

Entertainment is provided by Magic Games Park, a large indoor amusement park, and Arenas EVO (PSG Academy and Team Águia), a sports complex, a movie theater with 9 screens and Armazém Convention concert hall, opening in 2022.

Shopping Praça Nova Santa Maria

Created for commemorating gatherings.

Shopping Praça Nova Santa Maria is the region’s main shopping mall and offers a complete mix that includes major brands and the city’s largest movie theater.

The mall has open spaces and distinctive restaurants and bars, offering gastronomic and entertainment options that remain open after 10 P.M.

Shopping Praça Nova Araçatuba

Convenience and versatility in a strategic location.

Shopping Praça Nova Araçatuba, with its excellent location, is easily accessible from every city in the region. Its store mix offers major brands, convenience, and many entertainment options, making it a great place for the whole family.

Montes Claros Shopping

A benchmark for fashion, convenience, and entertainment in Northern Minas Gerais.

Montes Claros Shopping is located in the Central South region of the city, a convenient area next to the largest bus terminal in the North of Minas Gerais and the commercial center; its area of influence extends to the South of Bahia.

It is the most complete shopping mall in the region, hosting major brands, a hospital, clinics, banks, a fitness center, a hotel, a movie theater, and other entertainment options.

Via Parque Shopping

The perfect mall for children and families.

Via Parque Shopping is located in Barra da Tijuca, very close to Linha Amarela; it is the ideal shopping mall for families with children, offering several attractions and stores for the little ones.

The mall includes large store chains, a state-of-the-art movie theater, and BeGreen, the first urban farm of Rio de Janeiro.

Passeio Shopping

An easily accessible strategic location on the west side of Rio de Janeiro.

Passeio Shopping is conveniently located next to a bus terminal and the railway station of Campo Grande, one of the largest neighborhoods on the west side of Rio de Janeiro. The mall includes large chains and offers an essential mix of stores and services.