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Pátio Alcântara

In the heart of Alcântara´s commerce zone.

Pátio Alcântara is conveniently located in the heart of Alcântara, linked to a Bus Terminal that connects the neighborhood to the entire region of São Gonçalo and Niterói. Pátio Alcântara’s store mix includes large chains of stores and, at the terrace, a cultural space containing an entertainment area.

Santa Cruz Shopping

Conveniently located on the west side of Rio de Janeiro

Santa Cruz Shopping is conveniently located next to the Santa Cruz railway station and important industries in the city.

With a rich mix of stores and services, the mall offers a special attraction: Solar do Araújos, a municipal heritage that was built in 1895, preserved by the commercial developer, and open for visitors.

São Gonçalo Shopping

The first and most complete mall of São Gonçalo.

The first mall in the city, São Gonçalo Mall is located at Km 8,5 of Rodovia Niterói Manilha, with easy access from other municipalities, the mountain region, the lake region, and other states. The food court has a panoramic view of the Baía da Guanabara.

Recreio Shopping

Convenience and quality of life in one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro.

Recreio Shopping is located in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, and offers a mix of stores with major brands and restaurants.

The mall is pet-friendly and provides daily services and convenience, such as banks, a fitness center, health and beauty services, auto services, and a business center with a hotel and 109 offices.